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A writer for writing material, search to an antique shop boss called Wu Xie, and Wu is preparing to leave the city.Before he left, wu told about his strange tomb-raiding family stories, and spoke for the first time with the family adventure of bizarre events. That an occasional access to their family because a special bronze ware, traced back, found buried in the basin of northwest China west country, they recruited a batch of grave robbers to ancient city ruins, into the queen's mausoleum is located in the ancient city of underground, found the king mu and the queen asks the immortal truth. Writer after hearing the story of Wu, only to find that there are a lot of doubt, Wu exactly say is his fantasy, or a terrible truth is more complicated, because Wu left into the eternal mystery of Wu.
Eredeti Cím:Time Raiders
Játékidő:120 perc
IMDb értékelés:6.1 / 298 adatlap
Írta:Uncle Three,
Rendezte:Daniel Lee,
Szereplők:Fatih Ugurlu, Danny Salay, Tomer Oz, Harry Oram, Vander McLeod, Damian Mavis, Temur Mamisashvili, Daniel Krauser, Ted Duran, Alexandre Bailly, Joel Adrian, Jingchun Wang, Boyu Zhang, Sichun Ma, Boran Jing, Lu Han,

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